Friday, September 4, 2009

Homemade Hydroponic System- Supplies You Need To Build Your Homemade Hydroponic System

Looking to jazz up your home gardening routine? Then, do try making your own homemade hydroponic system. This up-coming gardening method uses a growing medium rather than traditional soil and that allows you to have complete control the growing environment.

You will control the nutrients that go directly to the plant's roots, the water and even the oxygen pumped into the plants. A homemade hydroponic system makes sense as it can produce larger crops using less space. It is perfect for gardens of any sizes.

Below is a list of the basic supplies you will need to create a cheap hydroponic system sure to produce a bumper harvest.

The first thing you will need for your homemade hydroponic system is a container to house your plants. The container will vary based on where you will place it and how many plants you want to grow. You can use an old fish tank or a large plastic bin.

Some even begin their homemade hydroponic system in an old plastic trash can. Make sure the container is clean and paint it or wrap it in paper if necessary so that light doesn't get to your plants roots. This ensures that algae don't develop in your planting medium and cause damage to your plants.

Growing Medium
While some use simply water and liquid nutrients in their homemade hydroponic system, most prefer to use a growing medium to house the roots, nutrients and water. This may be rockwool, perlite or sand. There are other types of growing mediums as well.

If you are just starting out with your homemade hydroponic system, it is a good idea to talk to someone experienced in the process about the best type of growing medium for the plants you will be choosing.

The plants for your homemade hydroponic system should be chosen based on the types that do particularly well in this type of environment. You can grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs in your garden. If you are unsure what types of seeds to purchase, ask a hydroponics expert about the best plants for this style of gardening. For example, certain types of lettuce tend to do particularly well in a hydroponic garden.

The pump is used to get oxygen directly to your plants roots. This is much more difficult in a hydroponic grow system where the oxygen cannot simply penetrate the soil to reach the roots below. The size pump will vary based on how big your container is and how many plants it is housing. Ask your hydroponic supplier for recommendations on the right size pump for your homemade hydroponic system.

A homemade hydroponic system can provide hours of enjoyable gardening and a bountiful harvest. With just a few simple supplies, you can be on your way to a whole new gardening experience.


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