Saturday, August 29, 2009

Homemade Hydroponic System- Make Homemade Hydroponics A Part Of Your Life

If you are interested in a greener and simpler way of living, you will definitely be interested to know more about homemade hydroponic system. It is a very simple do-it-yourself which anyone can pick up easily.

To make homemade hdroponics a part of your life is easy. You can choose to grow your own vegetables or even other nutritional foods in a manner different from the conventional seeds and soil.

Below is a quick description of what hydroponics is.

What Is Hydroponics?
Hydroponics is a system that promotes the growth of plants or vegetables without the use of soil. Specifically, the word hydroponics is derived from two Greek words. Those two Greek words are hydro and ponos. Additionally, the word hydro is translated into the English language as water and the word pronos is translated into the English language as work or toil. Therefore, the combination of hydro and ponos or hydroponics literally means work done by the water.

This system of hydroponics usually involves a container along with other key elements. Some of those key elements include a water reservoir, water meter, hydroponic liquid nutrients, water pump and tubing, a medium to put the seeds in and seeds. Also included in a hydroponics kid may be nutrient pH test kits and a water level indicator.

Simply, the seeds are put into the medium and are exposed to the water which is rich with the liquid hydroponic nutrients that the plant life needs. Subsequently, as the plant grows, the root system of the plant draws the needed nutrients for growth from the water.

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  1. The hydroponic gardening is the liquid nutrient solution formulations and plant has been suspended for more than its roots in the water.This one is grate technology.